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Fabric IPs for full energy management

Reach lowest power consumption

  • Support all low power design technics
    • Power gating
    • Multi-supply voltage
    • DVFS …
  • Optimize your power regulation network
    • Voltage regulators optimized for each type of load
    • Built safely your PRNet with minimal number of voltage regulators
    • Guidance to select the best PRNet for each SoC

Solve Integration complexity

  • Do not design from scratch
  • Use proven silicon Ips
  • Benefit from a seamless SoC integration
    • Plug & play IP components
    • Complete documentation
    • Power integrity driven design
    • Full support
  • Fully compliant
    • with conventional design flows
    • Standard SoC busses
Our SoC Fabric IPs provide unique solutions to manage energy distribution and activity control of power modes:

  • Power gating fabric to master the in-rush current vs. wake-up time trade-offs for the fastest mode transitions: save wasted energy!
  • Library of voltage regulators and monitors to build a cost effective, noise resilient and power efficient power regulation network: save silicon area and BoM cost!
  • Power management fabric to automatically design the embedded Power Management Unit (ePMU) for control of SoC start-up and power mode transitions: reduce design complexity!
  • Low frequency oscillators for very low power always-on domain: sleep efficiently!

Customer testimony

Interview of Eric Flamand, CTO of Greenwaves Technologies
Greenwaves Technologies has adopted Dolphin Integration's SoC Fabric IPs
to design the first "IoT processor"...
See the press release...

Discover our Silicon IP solutions

Power Management Unit

  • Maestro

Power regulation

DELTA library :

  • Companions for regulators
  • Composite regulators
  • Linear regulators
  • Switching regulators

Clock delivery

  • Low frequency oscillators
  • Real-Time Clock

Power gating controller


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